What’s this all about?

BIBLICAL devotions based on video and computer games- you’re kidding, right?

Do Christians even play video games?

Well, yes; yes they do. Just as they eat hamburgers and ride motorcycles and vote in elections and do scrapbooking and run marathons.

The video game industry is mammoth. It continues to grow, pushed on by the interest in mobile gaming and the continual release of updated systems, and even entirely new systems.

It is a mission field like any other, one that exists both online and in reality.

Gamers need to hear the gospel as much as anyone.

The apostle Paul said Christians should talk to people where they are.

It’s hoped this website will do just that.

Video and computer games are instant conversation starters, not just with the youth of today but with almost all ages.

From the retired lady tapping away at Candy Crush, to the teenage boy mashing his keyboard during a World of Tanks match, or even the mother waiting in the car outside the school amusing herself with Words with Friends, games are part of modern life.

For those that already know God loves them, this site aims to uplift, inspire, spark a memory, prompt discussion and maybe even provide a laugh.

For those yet to embrace all that God has for them, it’s about stirring a thought, asking more questions, pricking a conscience and tapping a need to know more.

Feel free to share the devotions through whatever means you like- Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus.

Each devotion can be downloaded as a PDF in case you need to print one and hand it out as a Bible study or group chat.

It’s not about getting up “hits” or “views” or “likes”- it’s more about furthering God’s kingdom.

So play on, pray on and in the Word, stay on.