Age of Empires

A View from the Creator's Keyboard

THOSE men are mostly obedient when set about a task.

They gather wood or gold or stone like their lives depend on it. Actually, their lives do depend on it.

The length of a game of Age of Empires is perhaps the briefest of insights into God’s perspective.

He’d be a much better player than any of us of course but it’s interesting to be immersed in a game where you have complete control over the destiny of the tribe you have created.

Or so it seems.

You might have the armoury built up and the priests all ready to convert people… and then you hear that dreaded trumpet.

What’s worse is if you hear the trumpet but can’t see the enemy attack.

Panic can set in as you wonder what’s happening to one of your little digital family.

Even though you are dishing out the tasks, the unexpected can come at you.

All of a sudden, things have spiralled out of control and smoke is billowing out of your defence tower and an enemy army has annoyingly got a large battle elephant at your doorstep.

Things don’t look good.

The easy answer is to pause, quit and start all over. No fuss, no hassle.

God didn’t do that. Imagine if He’d finished creating the world we exist in, and then started over when man turned things sour.

He seemed to come close to hitting the reset switch with Noah and the flood but still He didn’t give up on His creation.

Why is that? The answer is easy- love. He loved us so much that He was willing to weave salvation into the overall fabric of humanity’s story.

Would you be able to do that within a game? Stick with a tribe? But not only the tribe you’re focussed on; the opposition armies as well.

He loves all of humanity so much He sent Jesus into the world to save it, to show His ultimate love.

That’s like you, as the player, being transported into the game as one of the digital tribe members, sent in to make a difference. Could you, would you do it?

What a tremendous act of courage and bravery and love.

On top of all that is the grace to be able to do that. You’d hardly take instructions from one of the little people in the game if they turned around and said “Hey, you’re doing it all wrong. This is how it should go.”

You know a bigger and better plan for your tribe. God knows a bigger and better plan for His people, yet He cares for and listens to each request.

Certainly makes you appreciate the sacrifice God made.


“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.”

- John 3: 16



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