pig slaughter line

Jianhua is committed to designing and manufacturing pig slaughtering lines. The rule change will allow pig slaughter establishments to operate without maximum line speeds. pig slaughter line are made with advanced technologies and using them can raise the output by many times. Used to stun pigs (brain&heart) in preparation for killing for medium and large slaughterhouse. Pig slaughter lines, supply of live pigs, scalding, dehairing and washing. Pigs can be stunned by an electric current or by an increased level of carbon dioxide. Every slaughterhouser line has to consider many questions from design to operation. The machine stuns the two sides of pig head and heart at same time, so it can get the pigs … We can build brand new pig slaughtering line with a capacity up to 1000-1500 heads per hours. The slaughter line includes cow, pig, sheep, poultry slaughter line. Qingdao Empire Machinery Co., LTD . It can meet strictest food hygiene regulations. Parts of the Pig Slaughter Line. PART 2 - Stunning and bleeding. READ MORE. Blood processing. Here you can find answers to these questions. Customised and flexible slaughterhouse technology. Not just pig slaughter line but you can get yourself other essential meat processing business machinery such as control systems, transporting systems or even storage systems from the leading manufacturers at Alibaba.com. Stunning. This will inevitably result in increased rates of improper stunning and thus higher instances of pigs … Pig Slaughtering Line. A new USDA regulation illustrates this phenomenon precisely. Cattle slaughtering and boning plants. PART 1 - Lairage. It integrate spraying, conveying and electric stunning all together; 2. Jianhua is committed to designing and manufacturing pig slaughter lines, with our capabilities proven by our ability to produce a brand-new pig slaughter line with a 1000-1500 head/hour capacity. China Pig Slaughtering Line/Slaughterhouse Equipment/ Pig Bleeding Line, Find details about China Pig Slaughter Machine, Pig Slaughter Equipment from Pig Slaughtering Line/Slaughterhouse Equipment/ Pig Bleeding Line - Qingdao Tent Machinery Co., Ltd. US moves to scrap speed limits on pig slaughter lines This article is more than 11 months old New rules will allow production lines at pork plants to … The video they released showed obvious safety concerns, such as pigs with gaping wounds and dripping pus being sent down the slaughter line, as well as pigs … For the clean slaughter hall, Marel Red Meat Slaughtering offers a complete program for the automated slaughtering of pigs, consisting of patented machines and robots for capacities up to 1,400 pigs … 1. Due to the presence of special equipment, this process improves the productivity of the pig farm and simplifies the work of its employees. Animals are brought from the admission area to the lairage via a corridor, where they are held until slaughter. PIG SLAUGHTER LINE. He does not cause pets stress and serious pain. Dressing line, cooling and dispatching, transport systems. The professional pig slaughter line allows quick slaughter and cutting of a large number of animals in a short time. Within the past 20 years, we have already completed more than 2000 large pig slaughter lines for customers around the world. Cattle slaughter lines, stunning, sticking and bleeding, dehiding of cattle, work platforms. Tel: +86 532 87237613 Tel: +86 532-87236833 Mob: +86 151 54298833 +86 151 92568833 FAX: +86-532-87210193

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