Candy Crush Saga

A Crushing Addiction

THERE is a tremendous sense of achievement watching candies vanish with a sparkle.

Just to clarify: that statement is in reference to Candy Crush Saga - not wrapping boiled lollies in aluminium foil and sticking them in a microwave.

To see those lines combust with sparkly stars dancing everywhere as you make a three, four, five (or more) in-a-row combination delivers the videogame version of a warm hug every time.

And then it’s onto the next line or combination. Then the next, then the next.

That lure, that draw, that temptation to just go one more round; to see if you can reach the next level and what new treats await you there, is very strong.

It really does become a saga when time slides past as you stare at those throbbingly bright pixels.

Like many good puzzle games, Candy Crush Saga relies on addiction.

Sure, it’s not going to give you lung cancer, destroy your liver or max-out your credit card (unless you’re really, really into the in-game purchases) like some other addictions, but the repetitive attraction is there.

The thing about addictions is that they can make other parts, and people, in our lives suffer.

There are so many elements that make Candy Crush Saga addictive- the ease of play; the colours; and, as mentioned at the start, that sense of accomplishment.

When the phone, tablet or controller is put down or the PC turned off though, what’s been accomplished?

Improved hand-eye coordination? Increased brain stimulation? Those unintended bonuses might be there but could something have been done with a family member or friend that could also have improved those areas, as well as connecting and showing God’s love to them?

There are plenty of tricks and techniques to master for making those candies disappear and drop. Be sure to master another skill as well - being able to walk away from it when needed.

This goes for all videogames and computer games. The ability to shut down and move on can be as difficult as perfecting the game itself.

Addictions, whatever they are over, need to be confronted and controlled. With God’s help, that’s very achievable. Delicious!


“All things are lawful for me, but not all things are helpful. All things are lawful for me, but I will not be enslaved by anything.”

- 1 Corinthians 6:12.


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