Wonder Boy III: The Dragon’s Trap

A Protective Suit ALL of a sudden, Tom-Tom (Wonder Boy) went from a blonde-haired, fruit-guzzling, hatchet-throwing, sometimes-skateboard-riding jungle lad, to a knight, capable of mowing down enemies with swords and using magic.  So was the progress of the Wonder Boy series from the original arcade and Sega Master System title through to Wonder Boy in […]

Snake (and Snake II)

A Tangle of Lies ONE lie isn’t such a big deal, is it? Sometimes it’s just easier to tell a fib to get out of a situation or avoid a confrontation, right? The problem with lying is that it’s habit forming. One lie, no matter how small, often leads to another, and then to another […]


Treading Too Carefully VERY few people play just a single game of Minesweeper. One turn is usually followed immediately by another because “I’ve got the hang of it now”.  Minesweeper used to come as a free game on personal computers and provided a quick flash of amusement to those meant to be working or doing […]

Alex Kidd in Miracle World

The Right Documentation ALEX Kidd in Miracle World was the game built-in to the Sega Master System II, which meant you could get right into the action as soon as it was out of the box. Alex (whose last name is apparently “Kidd” despite often wrongly being referred to as “Alex the Kid”) is a […]

Prince of Persia

False Potions and Prophets EVERYTHING seems so fluid in Prince of Persia. It was one of the stand-out features when the original game was released on PC back in 1989.  The prince’s running, stopping, turning, jumping, climbing, hanging and sword fighting, are all done with grace and agility (even though he’s doing it while dressed […]


Marching Toward Death LEMMINGS (the digital video game versions at least) seem drawn to death. Maybe it’s not an attraction to death but the simple fact they don’t know what lies ahead.  The creatures within Lemmings have no regard at all for their own safety, bobbing along to the beat of some catchy tunes (including […]

Daytona USA

Holding Strong on Life’s Speedway ENDURANCE. Patience. Longsuffering.  They are all qualities the Bible uses to describe living a Christian life.  They are also qualities which come in quite handy when pressing the accelerator flat to the floor in a stock car named Hornet while ripping around the Daytona International Speedway. Daytona USA, developed by […]


Atmospheric Emotions THERE is no denying it – it’s a slow game. In this day and age of ultra-smooth graphics and hyper-action titles, Myst, the first-person click-and-solve puzzler, seems a world away. There is no violence here, no heart-pounding boss encounters or race against the clock. It’s largely about walking around an island finding solutions […]

Candy Crush Saga

A Crushing Addiction THERE is a tremendous sense of achievement watching candies vanish with a sparkle. Just to clarify: that statement is in reference to Candy Crush Saga – not wrapping boiled lollies in aluminium foil and sticking them in a microwave. To see those lines combust with sparkly stars dancing everywhere as you make […]

Farming Simulator

Harvesting Consequences THERE is an excitement to being reckless. It’s not what you might expect from a game based on agriculture but here is a world where actions don’t seem to have consequences. For instance, there is joy to be had in driving a shiny, expensive tractor into a water reservoir to see what happens. […]