Candy Crush Saga

A Crushing Addiction THERE is a tremendous sense of achievement watching candies vanish with a sparkle. Just to clarify: that statement is in reference to Candy Crush Saga – not wrapping boiled lollies in aluminium foil and sticking them in a microwave. To see those lines combust with sparkly stars dancing everywhere as you make […]

Farming Simulator

Harvesting Consequences THERE is an excitement to being reckless. It’s not what you might expect from a game based on agriculture but here is a world where actions don’t seem to have consequences. For instance, there is joy to be had in driving a shiny, expensive tractor into a water reservoir to see what happens. […]

Plants vs Zombies

Don’t Make Light of Light “THE zombies…. are coming.” Or so murmurs a husky, near-death voice which sends a nervousness jitter down your legs as you wonder to yourself- have I done enough to prepare for what’s on its way? And then they come, meandering toward your precious home, jostling their way forward as your […]


Staying in Tune with God SINGING with friends isn’t cool. At least, it wasn’t cool before those Pitch Perfect movies. But even before then, people knew the small exhilaration of belting out a tune into their hair brush while standing in front of the bathroom mirror. Then, Sony took the hairbrush, replaced it with a […]

Wii Sports

Get Off the Couch WHEN it first came out and the buzz around the Nintendo Wii was still new, families were treating Wii Sports like a bowling simulator more than a game. It was like having a real-life bowling alley in your lounge room, without the smell of hot chips/fries and the sound of a […]

Pokemon Go

Connecting with the Collectors IN parks and malls and other public places around the world, there are individuals and groups of people wandering around like zombies. Their eyes are fixed on one thing- the small screen in front of them, as they seek those creatures that only exist in pixels on their mobile devices, known […]


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The Gamer’s Prayer

Lord God, creator of all things. We commit this time of gaming to you. You give us the ability to interact with this technology, and we thank You for that, as we do for creating the machines in the first place. As we plunge into this digital world, we would ask that You protect our […]

Metal Gear Solid

The Power of Peace THERE is a great story of stealth in the Bible. 1 Samuel tells of King Saul trying to hunt down David who is on the run in the wilderness. King Saul gets together about 3000 soldiers and heads off to find David and probably do something unpleasant to him. On the […]

Donkey Kong

Dropping the Hammer of Power DONKEY Kong has had some adventures over the years. Donkey Kong Country saw him belt along in 3D; he popped up in Super Smash Bros and then there was Donkey Konga, the game that came with a set of bongo drums on the Game Cube, a gimmick that perhaps didn’t […]