Timing is Everything for Frogs and Life

A JITTERY hand is no good for Frogger. It takes relaxed yet precise movements to guide that little blob of green pixels into the five spaces at the top of the screen.

What a simple concept for a game. Get a frog across a busy highway without getting squished. Easy right? Not when the various lanes of traffic move at different speeds, and you have to step onto floating logs that disappear beneath the water.

I never really understood why falling into the water meant death for Frogger. After all, aren’t frogs able to swim? Then again, why does falling into the water at the bottom of so many games mean certain death?

Maybe video game water is harder than real-world water.

Timing is everything in Frogger. Timing can be everything in the real world as well.

It’s been said that God tends to work like a set of traffic lights when directing our paths. It can be green for go ahead, get this job done or do that particular project.

It might be orange, suggesting He doesn’t want you to commit to something just yet, and maybe not for another few days, months or years even.

Of course, God can say stop as well. We complain about a lack of answer to prayer sometimes but “no” is an answer as well.

You won’t get far in Frogger if you grab the joystick and wildly start pushing the digital amphibian about the place.

Much of the game is about holding back from jumping, waiting for the right opportunity when it appears.

We don’t have the bigger picture of the screen that God does. He sees the whole Frogger highway, and the raging river beyond that. It makes sense that we listen to Him before leaping ahead.

Exactly how then does God nudge us in the right direction, or hold us back? Through circumstances, through our consciences, through our parents, through verses from the Bible that pop into our heads when confronted with a situation.

You’ve got to be open to Him, listening for Him and talking to Him. Start to see things as less “just coincidence” and more “God’s direction”.

There may be a reason you didn’t get the top mark for that project (a lesson in humility maybe?) or that your work tools were upgraded sooner than you expected (preparation for a heavier workload to help someone else?).

These things keep us from jumping in front of trucks of recklessness or being snapped by a crocodile of temptation.

Occasionally, we will slip beneath the wheels of that car or drop into the swirling waters by mistake. Believe it or not, there’s a reason for that as well.

Valuable lessons can be learned by the way you die in a game like Frogger- it sharpens you, makes you alert to that particular danger again. There’s a good chance you won’t slip-up that way another time.

The old saying “look before you leap” pays dividends in Frogger. God wants us to look to Him before we leap.


“Trust the Lord completely, and don’t depend on your own knowledge. With every step you take, think about what he wants, and he will help you go the right way.” - Proverbs 3: 5-6.


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