Little Big Planet

Small Acts, Big Impacts

SOFT, spongy, no opposable digits, an overly large head and a cumbersome zipper down his front.

Add the name, Sackboy and he really doesn’t sound like a hero to save the day.

No gun on his side, no bazooka on his shoulder, not even a cape- just him and his abilities to jump and grab onto things- not exactly the extreme skillset that is going to set the gaming world alight.

Despite all this, Little Big Planet is a big game. It’s soft furnishings and easy gameplay make it appealing for so many boys, girls, young, old, hardcore gamers and casual dippers.

Heroes come in funny forms. Think about the more offbeat heroes in books and film:


  • Frodo: A short, hairy-footed Hobbit takes a ring a long way to destroy it.


  • Napoleon Dynamite: An ultra nerd and social outcast who stands up for his friend and helps him win an election.


  • Atticus Finch: The humble American lawyer in To Kill a Mockingbird that represents the under-represented in the courtroom.


  • Daredevil: The Marvel comic about blind lawyer, Matthew Murdoch, who has heightened senses and combats injustice in a red suit.


  • Moses: A bloke who says he isn’t very good at public speaking but eventually leads the children of Israel out of Egypt from under the Pharoah’s nose.


  • Saul/Paul: From going out of his way to kill Christians, to becoming a Christian revolutionary himself.


  • Jesus: A carpenter, born in an animal shelter, who cares for people and eventually dies for humanity, rises again, and in doing so, conquers sin.


These are some of the stories that give hope to people. Perhaps people can relate to Sackboy?

Very few of us are built like comic superheroes or have grand powers.

Jesus was God in human form but was also fully man, so we can relate to Him.

We aren’t necessarily called to be heroes in others’ lives but sometimes the small ways have bigger impacts.

The Bible records plenty of miracles that Jesus did on earth like turning water into wine, raising people from the dead, walking on water and calming a storm, but it also notes plenty of day-to-day stuff alongside it.

He interacted with people, told stories, listened to them and shared meals. In fact there are probably more accounts of Jesus doing daily life, almost boring stuff, than there are big ticket eye-opening events.

We’re not called to be miracle workers but to be salt and light; down-to-earth, everyday sort of people showing God’s love for others through practical (physically helping out or interacting) and spiritual (praying for) means.

Perhaps Sackboy’s tasks don’t seem that big (ie. Saving lamps for genies, getting pizza for dragons) but they are important to those whom he is impacting.

He’s not necessarily trying to change the world- he’s just tackling each individual situation as it comes.

When it comes to serving God practically, there’s no need to be a Mega Man- there’s hope in just being a Sackboy (or girl, of course.)


“For truly, I say to you, whoever gives you a cup of water to drink because you belong to Christ will by no means lose his reward.”

-  Mark 9:41


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