Metal Gear Solid

The Power of Peace

THERE is a great story of stealth in the Bible. 1 Samuel tells of King Saul trying to hunt down David who is on the run in the wilderness.

King Saul gets together about 3000 soldiers and heads off to find David and probably do something unpleasant to him.

On the way there, Saul has to “attend to his needs” (ie- go to the toilet) which he does so in a cave.

It just so happens David and his crew are camped in some caves nearby. David sees Saul in the cave, sneaks up on him but instead of killing him, he cuts off a piece of his robe.

Later Saul finds out about this and is overwhelmed by the fact David could have killed him, but didn’t.

You can imagine David crawling like Solid Snake in Metal Gear Solid (MGS).

The game helped elevate what’s known as the stealth genre- it’s all about patience and remaining unseen.

God doesn’t ask us to remain unseen- in fact, He tells us the opposite, but there is a lesson to be learned from how Solid Snake interacts.

It is possible to complete some of the challenges within the Metal Gear Solid games without killing an enemy.

Think about that- so many video games (the majority) are about shooting a gun, swinging a sword or navigating an army to destroy someone else.

Yet here is one that allows you to get through by avoiding conflict.

Solid Snake has all the gear- guns, tools, a special suit, radio support but he is good at what he does because he shows power in restraint.

By not blasting away with a gun or tearing someone apart with a knife when he has the opportunity, he shows control over the power he has, just like David did. He could have knocked Saul’s head off but he didn’t.

Jesus was the same, showing power in restraint. On many occasions when people got up in His face He could have simply deleted them from existence. He is God, afterall.

Instead, He engaged them in peace. The Bible says the Son of God came into the world to save it, not condemn it.

Do you engage people in peace? Show power through restraint? Despite what society may think, we don’t always have to have the upper hand over people or have the most power in the room.

Even though we might have an arsenal of comeback lines, terrifying glares or even two fists that could really do some rearranging, they will do more damage to our witness than we can serve up to the person who is annoying us.

Try infiltrating someone’s guard by holding back what you have and showing love instead.


“Turn away from evil and do good; seek peace and pursue it.” - Psalm 34:14


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