Credit to the Creator

THERE is a certain freedom to Minecraft. Players are really only limited by their imaginations as to what they can design, make and use.

But you can’t invent a new block for yourself.

You have to use that which is within the game. God has given us the building blocks of life.

It may be hard for some scientists to swallow but everything we create and re-design is originally from God in the first place.

There is an old joke where a group of scientists are having a conversation with God, claiming they can build a human being as well as He can.

He challenges them to a human-making competition. The group of scientists gather up a handful of dirt to begin, to which God replies- “No, no- get your own dirt.”

The Minecraft community conjures up all sorts of worlds and challenges.

There are games within games as people put together mazes, traps and rollercoasters. Some have re-created entire real-world cities (ie. Denmark) on a scale-for-scale model.

But none of this would be possible without the original rules of the game itself. You can’t say you’re playing Minecraft but just stare at a blank screen.

By investing time in it, by being a player, you are acknowledging the game’s creator, even if the object of the game it is about creating more stuff. Confused? Don’t be.

The point is God deserves acknowledgement as the creator of life.

As humans, we may think we are clever with what we come up with and how we heal ourselves but at the base of it, we are only using what God has given us.

It seems crazy to think that Minecraft just developed all by itself, or even that the initial landscape just happened to be there.

If you’ve had anything to do with computers or consoles or games, you’ll know that very little is based on random calculations.

Even those things that do appear random are driven by a computer calculating randomness.

There is a design underlying all of it- how things fit together, the rules of play, the need to do some things first before other things can happen.

As a designer, God’s intricate plans are far beyond what we can comprehend, that’s why some people end up going along with the notion of life evolving from one stage to another without an intelligent basis.

It’s worth remembering our Creator God when encountering something incredible in life.

It doesn’t have to be that tranquil rainforest or the cliche of seeing an eagle in the wild- it could be the miracle of modern technology, the fact you are holding a wireless controller in your hand or how electricity is manipulated to create another world on screen.

God has made it all possible. Take the time to thank Him for it.


“The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky above proclaims his handiwork.” - Psalm 19: 1



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