Plants vs Zombies

Don't Make Light of Light

“THE zombies…. are coming.”

Or so murmurs a husky, near-death voice which sends a nervousness jitter down your legs as you wonder to yourself- have I done enough to prepare for what’s on its way?

And then they come, meandering toward your precious home, jostling their way forward as your carefully (and some not so carefully) selected plants spit out peas or cabbages or punch the onslaught that’s coming.

And while all this is going on, you’re frantically gathering sunshine- those happy round parcels of relief that pop out of sunflowers or descend from above.

They are what’s keeping you going. Just a few more and you can plant something better, reinforce your defence.

You need light, both in the game and in life.

The world wouldn’t be much fun without the sun. For one, all those solar-powered garden lights would be a waste of time.

The Bible uses light as a reference to truth; something that is revealing, that is clear and pure and holy.

No surprises then that it puts it pretty simply: God is light.

Humans seem to have an inbuilt need for light. If we were meant to live in darkness more, wouldn’t we have eyes like a cat, or all be given a pair of night-vision goggles when our parents take us home from hospital?

That in itself is almost a living metaphor for our spiritual lives: We need God.

We need to know what is truth and embrace that, live by it.

Living in the light is about trying to live as close to God as possible (ie. Prayer, reading the Bible, serving others in love, etc).

The sunshine that falls from some unseen sky in Plants vs Zombies, or springs out of sunflowers, just appears, but it’s up to us to click on each icon and gather it in.

God makes Himself available but we have to receive Him- click on it, as it were.

Some will be thinking: yes, but what about those levels at night time?

There will be dark times in life; periods where it seems we are alone or abandoned, or where the light doesn’t seem as abundant.

That’s when light is even more precious and we have to “click on it” even more vigilantly.

The creators of the game provide a way though, just as God does. It might be just the right amount of light you need, the right amount of encouragement, a single word from a friend or a verse you’ve read or even a song you sang at church to get you through that part.

God’s not limited in how He makes Himself known.

Live for the light and live in the light.

It will help you face whatever is approaching you, even a zombie bobsled team.


“This is the message we have heard from Him and proclaim to you, that God is light, and in Him is no darkness at all.” - 1 John 1: 5



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