Pokemon Go

Connecting with the Collectors

IN parks and malls and other public places around the world, there are individuals and groups of people wandering around like zombies.

Their eyes are fixed on one thing- the small screen in front of them, as they seek those creatures that only exist in pixels on their mobile devices, known as Pokemon.

Pokemon Go has had a sudden and incredible impact on the world. Millions signed up for it within days of it being launched.

Its popularity may have waned a little in recent weeks but that might be a slight dip in the timeline until the developers release an update which provides a new element, like swapping Pokemon between others or new battling techniques.

While it’s copped some criticism, it has gotten plenty of people out of their lounges/couches and moving again as they walk to hatch eggs and cover territory to add to their collections.

People are searching for things, and I don’t just mean a Mew or a high level Articuno.

Whether you are into Pokemon Go or not, do you ever think that each player standing there, swiping his or her screen and punching the air when he or she wins a gym battle, is one of God’s children?

Sadly, they may not know that truth.

There is a longing within people to know there is more to life, to find something that really matters, above money and earthly relationships.

Sometimes it’s been referred as “the God-shaped hole”- that inner need to connect with the Creator.

Pokemon Go provides an opportunity to connect with total strangers in conversation, and in doing so, a chance to share the Good News with them.

Sure, talk Pokemon and gyms and healing potions and incubators, but think about a way to make mention of God, of the one who makes all this technology and the world in which we play it, possible.

In fact, it would be a prime opportunity to bring up the topic of evolution, to see what their thoughts are and if they’ve ever considered an intelligent designer.

We can be seekers of Pokemon ourselves but God has given us a bigger job and that’s to be seekers of the lost.

Be prepared though- that’s going to take more than raspberries and an Ultra Ball. It’s going to take courage, prayer and a reliance on the Holy Spirit to know what to say but it’ll sure be more of an adventure and more rewarding than just adding to the invisible monster collection.

Now is the right time to Pokemon Go into all the world.


Then he said to his disciples, ‘The harvest is plentiful, but the labourers are few; therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out labourers into his harvest.’ ” - Matthew 9:37-38



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