Super Mario Brothers

The Force of Friendship

YOU’VE got to hand it to Luigi- he’s a long suffering brother, that’s for sure. Okay, so he’s been given a few game titles of his own over the years (Luigi’s Mansion, New Super Luigi U, etc) but essentially, he exists in a world named after his brother Mario.

From the very beginning, back when there wasn’t a “super” in their title, there were still the two brothers, running around knocking platforms with their heads and destroying creatures in a sewer-style situation (Atari created an arcade game simply called Mario Bros).

Since then, their circle has grown to include, among others, Princess Peach (who has a knack for getting kidnapped), Toadstool and the all-consuming dinosaur, Yoshi.

The group now re-appears in all sorts of Mario incarnations, from driving go-karts to competitive party games.

The circle of friends helps Mario along the way. They provide gifts, advice, guidance and in some cases, solutions to problems that can’t be solved alone.

The theme of friendship seems to extend into how the game is physically played as well, with New Super Mario Brothers on the Wii and Wii U allowing multiple players to jump around on screen at one time.

Video games have gone beyond a single person sitting in a bedroom, curtains drawn with the glowing screen the only light.

They have become a social entertainment form.

Do you play games with your friends, or brothers or sisters, your parents perhaps? Playing with someone can add an extra element of fun.

We can underestimate the need for friends and the importance of being a friend. Like Mario, our circle of chums can help us through situations, provide advice, listen to our struggles and even provide gifts.

Jesus had a circle of friends around Him. None of them were mushrooms or wore a way-out green and blue uniform but they were a trusted group Jesus found comfort in.

They didn’t always live up to the plan though. Just before He was about to be arrested and taken away for trial, eventually leading Him to die on the cross, He asked His friends to stay with Him and pray.

They fell asleep- not once, but three times. Their hearts were in the right place but they couldn’t deliver.

Appreciate your friends but remember that they are human, so sometimes they’ll mess up. This goes for online friends to; those in your clan or guild or team for online play.

You’re human as well, so chances are you’ll let down a friend, so it’s nice to think your relationship will survive these times.

Perhaps we need to think of our friendships as opportunities to give, rather than expectations of what we should receive.

The next time you’re with your friends, whether it’s at school, work, sport, a party, a shared gaming experience, youth group, church, or whatever- ask yourself:  Are you being the best friend you can be?


“This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you,”-  John 15: 12


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