Just One More

THAT one long block. It’s coming soon, isn’t it? You just need it to fill that gap down the side.

You can keep shuffling, keep building up the other side, but you really, really need that long, straight block.

And just when you think it’s about to drop, you get that annoying Z-shaped block which throws everything out of whack.

It doesn’t fit; it creates a gap in the line and suddenly things are piling up all over the place.

Tetris could be the most beloved form of frustration in the world. Few games capture puzzle-loving minds like this classic.

If you’ve ever been in the situation above, waiting for that long, straight block, you’re not alone.

It often seems like we’re often waiting for that one particular block to complete our career or hobby goal checklist.

We wait for one more thing in life to complete us, to make the “lines”, to make us complete.

If we can just get that promotion; get put in that sporting position; are able to afford that pair of shoes; find a shortcut in these streets, then everything will click together nicely.

Perhaps it’s a girl/boy you’re chasing, or waiting to reach a particular age, or a own a certain car, or obtain the next generation console or upgrade the PC?

But rarely, in Tetris as in life, does another piece completely satisfy. Why is that?

Stacking up “things” always creates another gap. It’s human nature to want to cling, want, lust for the next item or checkpoint.

But what happens when we get that Z-shaped block falling down upon us, something that doesn’t fit into our plans?

Many stop to ask why God has sent the Z-shaped block.

Tetris players know that Z-shaped blocks, like all of them, are important and serve a purpose.

We need to realise God has provided for us before- sent that long brick when needed- but it may not be in our timing.

It might be a few lines higher than we wanted but it still comes, and it’s for the best.

Trust that God has all the bricks in view and knows what blessings are good for us.


“Many are the plans in the mind of a man, but it is the purpose of the Lord that will stand.” Proverbs 19: 21


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