The Sims

Blessings Beyond Pink Flamingos

THE swimming pool in the backyard with the jacuzzi to the side and the light-up dance-floor on the other- who wouldn’t be happy with all this?

Life simulation doesn’t get much more detailed than The Sims. From the colour of a person’s jeans through to the tiles in their kitchen, you can select and adjust nearly all aspects of the lives of these digital beings.

At the basis of the gameplay is existence, something that really isn’t too hard to achieve. Afterall, you don’t even have to give birth to them really- they just appear there.

It’s the add-ons and items that make the game really fun. There’s always another item to get, or a new look to strive for.

There is a great attraction in being in control of a group of people and providing for them. We love to give them more than the basics, we love to give blessings so they know they are loved.

God works on a much larger scale than decorative coffee tables and pink flamingos for the garden.

He knows what we need and when we need it. Now, it may not always be what we want and in our timing but you’ve got to have faith in His “playing strategy”.

He knows what we are thinking and doesn’t need speech-bubbles above our heads with symbols and logos to show what we feel and desire.

God is the ultimate multi-tasker. It’s like He is caring for each of us “Sims” individually, as if we are the only players in the game but knowing that we need each other.

His focus is as much on us as individuals as it is on the entire nation, state, country and planet.

That’s a concept that might be hard to get our finite minds around.

The common earthly trap to fall into is to look at the Sims next door and wonder why they have the expensive trimmings, the full regal living set and the virtuoso violin- why would God bless them more than me?

The answer may be that God knows how much you need. People who have a lot always seem to want more- it’s a never ending cycle, so in a way, having less reduces stress and temptation.

Adding to that then, think about how boring life would be if we all had the same?

And even those with all the “stuff” still have to be fed and cared for.

There is an old saying: “The more you have, the more you have to lose.” It could all go in an instant- a fire, flood, cyclone, tornado, mudslide and it’s all rubbish.

The trick, if you need to call it that, is to count the blessings you do have, and praise God for them.

God gives us more than enough to exist on this planet, and more than we deserve to be perfectly honest.

Don’t focus on wanting pink flamingos in the front yard- give thanks for the front yard in the first place.


“And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:19.


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